Content Marketing: The King Of Digital Strategies

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When it comes to digital marketing, content marketing cannot be ignored. There is also no need to talk about a digital marketing strategy, without putting the power of content on the table.

Content marketing is an essential part of reaching consumers through different channels of communication. In addition, we have always heard the content is the king of digital strategies, which takes most of the budget.

By 2020, in countries like the United States, content marketing will share the marketing budget of 38% (2018 about 26%), followed by traditional advertising (12%), digital advertising (11%) and events (11%). This data was released according to a study published by the CMO Club, a community of marketing executives and IBM.

According to the latest study 2020 prepared by the CMI (Institute of content marketing), on average the companies invested US$185,000 in content processing and 38% of the budgets were moved from paid advertising to content marketing as can be seen in the graph below.

CMI (Institute of content marketing)

Content marketing developed for each type of consumer

The current consumer no longer buys and interacts by a single channel but makes use of different media. These can be digital or traditional, the important thing is that they satisfy the tastes and needs of the public.

The goal of content marketing is to build confidence from the customer journey map, where you take the user through a process in which you discover, learn, Try, Buy, use and most of all recommend the brand.

But how can content strategies bring consumers across this chain? In order for the user to appropriate the brand, care must be taken with the messages that are transmitted. The content must be 100% educational and 0% commercial. Trust must be built on this premise.


You should keep in mind that these should be entertaining, attractive and seductive. Like the decimal 0% commercial and should not be left out the component of desperation to place the brand, which is often used in traditional advertising.

These actions are aimed at driving away from the consumer with a product that is not of interest or has no confidence.

In this way, Content marketing Opens a path to success in attracting potential customers. They also get closer to their consumers in a more honest and effective way.

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