GeneratePress: Complete Review of the Best WordPress Theme

GeneratePress: Complete review of the best WordPress theme

Today, I will talk about the GeneratePress theme, the best theme for WordPress today and the configuration that I am currently using on my website.

It is a WordPress theme that you can use in a multitude of projects. Forget multipurpose WordPress themes with super cool demos and multiple addons that you cannot reproduce in the end.

Forget about that feeling of anger and helplessness for being unable to customize the theme to your liking. There is nothing more frustrating than comparing a WordPress theme and then being unable to reproduce all the sections as you intended. One can become unhinged even for those who are more used to fighting with different squads.

Generatepress is a theme that acts as a framework and will cover both the needs of a professional developer and those who are just starting in all of this.

I invite you to continue reading below. I will show you what this awesome WordPress theme is capable of doing.

generatepress theme

Why is GeneratePress the best WordPress theme?

After trying many WordPress themes, GeneratePress has become the best theme on the market. Next, I will give you a series of characteristics for which I think GeneratePress is a great theme.

1. Fast as a rocket and light as a feather

This theme opts for a clean and minimalist design reminiscent of the Genesis Framework themes. It doesn’t come cluttered with many unnecessary extras.

You have the option of installing an add-on that adds extra functionality to the theme in a personal way, activating only the necessary ones.

With its add-on, we can modify design options and web structure.

2. 100% mobile-friendly design

Nowadays, as I told you in my various web design-related post about responsive design, it is essential to have a website that adapts its contents to all devices. The Generatpress theme is perfectly optimized for mobile devices and different screen sizes. 

We can also establish a different menu for these devices, add a different logo, activate or deactivate the “catchy” menu and much more.

3. Clean code optimized for SEO

The Generatpress theme is perfectly optimized in terms of code. In its coding structure, the good practices recommended by WordPress have been followed so that Google indexes the web in the best way.

Keep in mind that Generatpress uses microdata from that improves the communication of the web with Google.

4. Maximum compatibility with plugins and browsers

A factor of the utmost importance that can increase the functionalities of your project.

Imagine making a multi-language website, but the WordPress theme you are using is incompatible with WPML (plugin to create websites in several languages). It would be an absolute disaster.

With the Generatpress theme, you should not worry because it has maximum compatibility with the most used plugins.

  • Woocommerce: to create online stores
  • bbPress: to create forums and communities
  • Elementor: # 1 visual editor to layout pages and do wonders with your designs.
  • WPML: to create multi-language sites.
  • Yoast SEO: to do the SEO of your pages and posts.

You also do not have to worry about compatibility problems between browsers; your website will be seen perfectly in all of them.

5. Intuitive and very easy to customize

It is a WordPress theme that will delight the most demanding users with great customization possibilities.

Changing the aesthetic aspect from the WordPress customization settings is straightforward. So it is also an excellent WordPress theme for less experienced users.

The easy customization that this theme offers is one of its strengths.

# 6 User Review also counts

As I already explained before, another point you should keep in mind when buying a WordPress theme is the users’ reviews.

Today it has more than 60,000 thousand active downloads with an average of 5 stars in the official WordPress repository.

generatepress review

# 7 Express Support

I will tell you the truth from professional experience. Sometimes I have come across WordPress themes that offered you support, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When you put your questions to them, they take time to answer, or they refer you to tutorials so that you can manage on your own.

With the premium version of Generatepress, you will have fast and efficient support. Most of the time, Tom Usborne, the developer who created this awesome WordPress theme, will answer you with all your questions to resolve.

Fast customer support is another feature that makes Generate press the best WordPress theme. It is a point that is hardly taken into account when we buy a WordPress theme. In my opinion, it is essential, and Tom Usborne takes care of it in detail.

# 8 Language will not be a problem

Generatpress theme has been translated into more than 20 languages. If running into a WordPress theme that is not translated into your native language is a problem, don’t worry because it is fully translated.

Is GeneratePress free or paid?

You have the option of downloading the theme for free, but this way, you will not be able to install its premium addonand you will be losing all its true potential.

You have a total of 12 addons that you can buy separately for a price of $10 each.

The recommended option is to buy the complete pack, and its price is $59.

generatepress premium

The GeneratePress Premium pack includes:

  • Unlimited license use: you can use Generatepress Premium as many times as you want without any installation limits.
  • Updates for one year: after this year, you will be able to renew the license with a discount of 30%.
  • Support for one year: you will receive support for any questions or problems for one year. Afterwards, you must renew the license with a 30% discount to continue receiving free support.

You also have a 30-day trial if the theme does not convince you; they will refund your money.

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You can see that the quality/price ratio of the Geberatpress theme is unbeatable. Any WordPress theme from Themeforest usually costs between $60 and $80 plus VAT with 6-month support and, most importantly, a single-user license.

What can I do on my website with GeneratePress without touching code?

Everything that has been said so far is perfect, but I imagine that you will also want to know what this template is capable of and where you will find the true potential that has made it the best theme for WordPress.

When you install the theme for the first time, you cannot imagine how many modifications can be made without touching a line of code. It has a clear and intuitive customization panel.

To install the Generatpress premium addons, you must first install the template in the usual way like any other theme. The addons must be installed as a plugin, and they will only work with the active theme.

Once the plugin with the addons is installed, you must go to Appearance => GeneratePress, activate the license and activate all the addons you need on your website.

generatepress premium addons

# 1 Colors

It is an essential addon with which you can change all the colours on the web without touching a line of code.

These are the elements that you can modify.

generatepress color

As you can see, the possibilities and versatility are very significant.

# 2 Typography

Another essential feature if we want to modify a website. With the Generatpress premium addon, you will change the typography of many elements with Google Fonts.

You can change the typography in all these elements:

generatepress typhography

# 3 Elements

With this Generatpress premium addon, you can create sections, each with its style. Using Generatepress Elements, you can do the following things on your website:

  • Set a background colour or put an image
  • Create full-width sections
  • Create a parallax effect
  • Modify the colour of links and text
  • Modify padding values
  • Add CSS

The only downside is that we cannot use visual editors such as Elementor or divide the Elements into columns within the Elements editor. You also can use the Generatpress Block Editor plugin as well.

For the latter, you will have to install another plugin created by the same template developer: Lightweight Grid Columns.

We can only use the default WordPress editor for elements, so adding a simple button for fewer expert users can be a less intuitive task. To do this, we will have to help ourselves with a shortcode plugin.

Anyway, we can not use the elements and use a visual editor directly. In my case, I use Elementor,  the visual editor that is revolutionizing the WordPress community.

generatepress elements

They have implemented an option to improve compatibility with visual editors to create full-width content without a problem.

# 4 Menu plus

The options to configure the menu are versatile and combined to help improve the user experience and improve the website’s usability.

We can configure two versions of the menu, one for desktop and another version for mobile.

We can also activate the option of a stick menu or sticky menu that is visible at the top of the web at all times.

For the mobile version, we can activate the side-out menu option. It is a menu displayed in a lateral format. It is used in mobile versions not to occupy the entire screen, replacing the typical menu in vertical format.

# 5 Page header

It allows us to create custom headers for pages and posts. You can insert images, videos, HTML code or also shortcodes.

For example, we can use shortcodes to create an image slide with another plugin to create image passes.

# 6 Blog

We can modify the appearance of our blog in an easy and fast way.

This addon will allow us to perform the following tasks:

  • Hide elements such as author, categories, date, comments. We can highlight the last article to make it more visible.
  • Establish the column layout of the blog or give it a masonry layout stylewhere the posts are loaded one after the other.
  • Show or hide featured images in articles or change their location.
  • Show the entire entry or set the number of characters to display.

# 7 Backgrounds

Changing the background of the elements of our website has never been so easy.

We can change background images in:

  • body
  • Header
  • Content
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Main menu
  • Secondary menus

You should also use sparingly as overloading the website with background images can create a bad user experience and impair readability.

# 8 Spacing

We can change the space (padding) of the different elements of the web page without fear of creating mismatches in other components.

It is very common in other WordPress themes that do not have this versatility that when we touch spaces, we create misalignments in the different elements of the web.

# 9 Secondary nav

If you need to show a second menu with this addon, you will have no problem showing it.

You can also change the colour, spacing, typography.

# 10 Copyright

You can modify the default footer text without touching any template file.

You can add standard text or use HTML or shortcodes.

# 11 Disable elements

It has never been so easy to disable different elements of a page. With a simple click, we can enable or disable in the entries or in any page additional features that make up the structure of our website.

The elements that we can hide are:

This add-on is ideal if you want to create landing pages or landing pages.

# 12 Hooks

It is an addon for more advanced users. With it, we can insert pieces of code in different areas of the web page.

You can insert plain text, HTML, PHP and also shortcodes.

These are the areas where we can insert code:

  • wp_head: in the file
  • Before Header: before the Header
  • Before Header Content: before the Content inside the Header
  • After Header Content: after the Content inside the Header
  • After Header: after the Header
  • Before content: before the main content
  • After Entry Title: after the title of an entry
  • After content: after the main content
  • Before Right Sidebar Content: before the content of the right sidebar
  • After Right Sidebar Content: after the content of the right sidebar
  • Before Left Sidebar Content: before the content of the left sidebar
  • After Left Sidebar Content: after the content of the left sidebar
  • Before Footer: before the Footer
  • Before Footer Content: before the footer content
  • After footer Content: after footer content
  • wp_footer: in the file

This add-on is perfect if we include a subscription form or an advertisement at the end of each post.

Why you should jump into using GeneratePress

Everything is configured intuitively, making it a theme that meets the most demanding users and those less used to tinkering with WordPress themes.

It will be straightforward for someone unfamiliar to modify colours, spaces, fonts, menus, etc. You can change all kinds of aesthetic settings without touching code from the same WordPress configuration options.

It will also be effortless for the more advanced to add CSS to apply your styles to the elements. Also, as we have seen with the hooks, you can use lines of code in certain places in the template.

The template gives you the possibility of a great variety of designs and structure changes, building web pages with very different configurations.

With this theme, you will have a solid base that acts as a framework that controls all the structural aspects of the web.

You have great flexibility to change the web page structure: with a footer, without a footer, with or without a sidebar, centred menu or to the right, you will have a great variety of possibilities.

It is a template designed and optimized so that it loads very quickly in this way. The search engines do not penalize us in this regard. In this sense, the theme does not incorporate extra functionalities. If we want to add other configurations, we must do it with plugins.

You can export your designs to use them on other web pages. If you work locally, you can export that design to the server.

In addition, with the premium version, you will have an unlimited license with which you can install the template as many times as you want at a ridiculous price compared to other templates on the market.

👉 Checkout Generatpress Premium

Plugins that combine perfectly with GeneratePress

The same developer of the template has created four plugins that combine perfectly with the theme and increase its performance and possibilities.

These plugins are independent of the template and are also very valid for use in other themes.

1. Lightweight Social Icons

This plugin will help us to insert a widget of social icons from our social networks.

You can change the size, colours, borders, add a tooltip. You can see this simple but, at the same time, magnificent plugin in operation in the footer of this blog.

2. Wp Show Posts

Another magnificent plugin created by Tom Usborne will allow us to add the latest entries of your blog wherever you want with shortcodes.

3. Lightweight Grid Columns

Do you remember what we discussed previously in the sections? This plugin will allow us to create columns (responsive) to insert content through shortcodes within them.

4. Simple CSS

With this plugin, you can add CSS code from the WordPress administration panel and the pages or posts.

A perfect plugin to add your styles that combines perfectly with Generatepress.

5. GenerateBlocks

With GenerateBlocks, you can create many handfuls of blocks and use them to build anything. The best solution to build your site using Generatpress visually.

GeneratePress + Elementor the perfect combination

generatepress with elementor page builder

In more than one article, I have already told you about combining these two tools and their possibilities. Since I discovered this pairing, I use it in all my projects as a web designer. 

Generatepress takes care of the structure of the page and Elementor of the composition of the elements of the pages.

To this day, I have found very few drawbacks to combining these two wonders, and the truth is that they complement each other perfectly without interfering.

Also, if you want to try Elementor for the first time, you have a free version at your disposal. This version is limited in the number of widgets. However, it is a potent tool.

For $59, you can buy GeneratePress and install Elementor for free. You will enter the new world of web development in WordPress. You will be able to create web pages different from each other with a level of customization without limits.

To see what these two super tools are capable of, I leave you a video where the combination of GeneratePress and Elementor in their free versions is shown to create a homepage. As you can see, even if it is the free version, the layout possibilities are very versatile.

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If you have not tried these tools yet or are a user of another template or visual editor, please listen to me and give them a try. You will thank me.

GeneratePress is an excellent investment at a very affordable price, competing with and improving on Divi and Genesis. For me, without a doubt, it has become the best theme for WordPress.

This combination of tools (GeneratePress + Elementor Pro) is one of the gift bonuses that you can benefit from if you choose to purchase one of my starter web design services.

Have you tried Generatepress yet? What visual editor do you use? What do you think is the best combination? Do you believe Generatepress and Elementor is the best option?

👉 Checkout Generatpress Premium

Leave a comment, and your opinion is very important to me. 😉

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