Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Dental Clinic

Marketing Strategies for Dental Clinic

These are challenging times for any business. The coronavirus crisis, the confinements and restrictions that this entails meaning that all companies, especially SMEs like yours, have to make double efforts to attract a more significant number of clients or, in your case: patients.

And we are aware that, although your dental clinic is your way of life, it is not a business in which you intend to sell at any price, or you can attract the public with offers or advertising claims in which price is the most important thing.

You sell health, which is why you need a digital marketing strategy adapted to the characteristics of your activity.

If you have been wondering for months what you should do to increase the number of patients in your dental clinic, you are in the right place! Today, I will share the top 10 digital marketing strategies for your dental clinic.

Are you ready?

01. Choose Your Line of Communication

And by this, I do not mean that you choose the channel through which you will communicate with your patients and future patients. No, I am talking about the tone and the message you want to convey.

As I mentioned at the beginning, sectors directly related to health, such as yours, must treat their services in a much more concrete and professional way than a company dedicated to selling products that do not affect the health of those who purchase them. 

Therefore, both for your online and offline marketing strategy, you must create a unified message that fully represents the identity of your dental clinic. That will be the common thread of all the techniques you apply, especially in content marketing.

02. Your Google My Bussines Listing: The Best Business Card

We are tired of hearing that you do not exist on the internet without a website and that there is no business worth it’s salt without your website. 

But remember that it is useless to have a web page if you do not work on its ranking.

Therefore, I recommend focusing on your Google My Business listing before going crazy and paying thousands of dollars for a website google ranking.

Google My Business listing will help you a lot when reaching those looking for a dental clinic near your area.

Suppose you correctly complete your Google My Business profile. In that case, you will be able to offer your audience contact information and exact location (through Google Maps) through which they can locate you without any problem.

In addition, Google My Business allows you to enter a direct link so that with just one click, your future patients can call you.

Keep in mind that, as users, we are used to immediacy, so the fewer steps to take to get in touch with you, is better.

03. Take care of your Content on Social Networks

Have you resisted creating a profile on social networks for your dental clinic for years, thinking that they had nothing to contribute to your business? Now is the time to get down to business.

We spend about three hours a day on social networks, and during this time, we receive thousands of advertising messages through promotional publications and virtualized content. Do not stay out!

Take advantage of the visual of your sector, share with your audience the before and after some orthodontic or implant treatment (permanently preserving the privacy of your patients).

If you feel capable, you can record a video advising oral health and share it on your social networks. It is a matter of using imagination and adapting your content to your sector and, above all, to the line of communication that we talked about at the beginning.

04. Create a Contact list

One of the things you can take advantage of in your daily work protocol to increase your contact list is creating a customer database.

As a rule, each patient who comes to your clinic must complete a patient file and accept the data protection law. Why don’t you take the opportunity to ask for their email?

In this way, you can send them a reminder (at least annually) to come for a review and alternate them with various newsletters in which you offer advice on how to take care of the health of their mouth.

05. Your Website as a Vehicle to Your Dental Clinic

As we mentioned before, a website is useless if we do not promote it properly.

Therefore, if you decide to build a website to increase your dental clinic visibility on the internet, do not forget to change the content periodically. Keep in mind that Google rewards the websites that are alive and that generate content.

Use your website to present the dental health services you offer and your team.

In addition, you can use your social media posts to redirect to your website and get your future patients to know you better.

06. Invest in local SEO

Indeed, suppose you have investigated the 10 digital marketing strategies that cannot be missing in your dental clinic. In that case, you will have come across many gurus who have told you about how miraculous SEO is. And it is not entirely uncertain, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

And it is that your dental clinic is a small fish in the immense ocean of the network. Therefore, getting the top positions in Google searches at a general level will be very difficult.

But, a good local SEO strategy will allow you to appear in the mobile search results, Google Voice. With local SEO, you will be able to appear in the first positions and thus be present among the clients close to you.

These types of strategies are not easy to carry out, so you should put your Local SEO strategy in the hands of professionals who can help you position yourself in the top positions of Google searches. 

07. Expand Your List of Leads

We have been talking about it throughout the article, and we know that your business belongs to the health sector, so the offers are not the most appropriate. Selling health services at a discounted or discounted price can generate distrust.

Therefore, to the people who come to your website through your digital marketing strategies, you must offer them the content of interest in exchange for their email but never, or at least on very few occasions, discounts and offers.

Create simple downloadable ebooks on different topics to choose the one that interests them the most: care of baby teeth, what an implantology process consists of, how a discharge splint can help them. You know more about this than we do!

Locate the topics that you think maybe interesting for users and offer them in exchange for their contact.

08. Don’t Neglect Your Blog

Indeed you have left space for a blog on your website. Well, now is the time to take advantage of it.

Feeding your blog with content related to your sector can be an excellent way to reach more people.

In addition, every time you upload an article, you can communicate it to your contact list through a newsletter and thus stay present in their day-to-day life when they need a dentist. It is you who they think while they need a dentist!

09. Collaborate with institutions within your sector

If you have a dental clinic, you will be a member of the association. That is why we propose to keep you active in all the activities organized by your association.

Participate through your social networks, in your newsletter, in your events. It will provide more visibility to your clinic and will place it on the map.

In addition, your dental clinic can likely reach more people on the internet. Why not take advantage of their capacity and gain a presence for your clinic?

10. Put Yourself in the Hands of Professionals.

Just as you advise your patients to put themselves in the hands of professionals, you have different dentists specialized in the various disciplines to treat them. The same should happen with the digital marketing of your clinic. 

But only some of them have the specialized professionals necessary to carry out each of the actions that make up your digital marketing strategy.

Now that you know the 10 digital marketing strategies that cannot be missing in your dental clinic marketing. It’s time to apply them and get more patients in your dental clinic.

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