Top 10 Free Kuwait Business Listing Directory Sites

Kuwait Business Listing Directory Sites

Kuwait is a great country where having so many business Opportunities. If you are going to advertise your business in Kuwait, then Local Business directories sites will be a good marketing option for you.

Within any SEO positioning strategy, link building is essential to achieve the goals you have set yourselves. Within the link building strategy, there are online directories. Most of these directories will not help you to get customers directly, but they will enhance the positioning of your website by simply placing a link to your website on them.

We have done an analysis of the main free online directories of Kuwait, where you can register your company by placing a link to your website, as far as the number of visits is concerned.

This analysis has been done with the similarweb tool, which gives an approximate value of the visits of any website they have referenced.

We know that the value given by the SimilarWeb tool is not always accurate (unless it is linked to Analytics), but at least give us an approximate idea of the value of this directory for our web positioning.

In addition to generic online directories, we should appear in those specific online directories of our sector, although in this article we will talk about generics, and others that can make us help our web positioning strategy or seo.

We will also talk about the main social networks in which to register to get the link of our business card.

Where to advertise my company for free to get backlinks links

We have made a list of directories in order of visits, so you have a more accurate idea of which are the best, and we talk a little about each of them.

Visits are expressed in thousands of visits per month (that is, 6500 would mean 6.5 million visits per month, and 38, 38 thousand).

Kuwait Business Listing Directory Sites

  1. Kuwaitlisting:
  2. ArabianTalks:
  3. Kuwait Business Directory:
  4. Arab Middle East Search Engine & Directory:
  5. Express Business Directory:
  6. Yellow page Gulf:
  7. Boursa Kuwait:
  8. Kuwait Local:
  9. Business Yellow Page:
  10. Kuwait Yellow Page Online:
  11. Go for World Business:

Social networking links

We know that placing a link on your facebook or twitter, is something that everyone can do, and that obviously, the more movement you give to the networks, the more relevance this link will have, but precisely because it is something easy to do and accessible to all, it is not enough to register us on all social networks, whether we use them or not, to get such a link. And besides, they have a lot of visits, as you cant imagine….. ( yes, we also give you the visits of similar web).

Remember that, in this modern era Social media marketing is the main digital amrketing tools to grow business.

Number of monthly visits to the most important social networks:

Youtube (24.6 Billion)

facebook (21.7 billion)

twitter (3.9 billion)

instagram (2.8 billion)

reddit (1.5 billion)

linkedin (1 billion)

pinterest (63 million)

xing (22 million) (2.3 million)

We’re not going to go explaining one by one they go… as most know them, but if you tell that, for example, on youtube, create a channel instead of a user account, that in addition, you’ll be able to share with other users if you want to add content in the future, and that in the configuration of the channel include links to your web site, even to other pages of your site that may be relevant to you.


In Facebook, we have seen hundreds of profiles without description of the company, without schedule, etc … although most people look at that information in google maps, it is not necessary to have it updated also on facebook, so as not to make people wrong.

Ah, always remember to register your business on different platforms of NAP consistency (name, address, phone), which is exactly the same in all the places you register. We’ll talk about this in another article.

Google Maps

And although we haven’t talked about it (we’ll do it in another article) the most important of all, is definitely google Maps (well, Google My Business, which presents the data in google maps).

If you’re able to have your location optimized, you’ll see how they find you, especially if you offer local services to local customers. In that case it is one of the best (not to say the best) investment you can make to reach your potential customers.

Google maps receives 1.2 billion visits a month, and a well-managed location in this directory is the largest source of visits to your local business. Work well, keep track of it, and you’ll see how it has a positive impact on your business.

We’ll talk more broadly about Google Maps in another article (let’s go little by little…)

If you know any other directory that is not listed in our article, leave it in the comments, and we will update it according to your rating.