Top 10 Hootsuite Alternatives For 2022: Tried & Tested

Hootsuite Alternatives

Hootsuite is one of the best and popular Social Media Management tools available online.

Suppose you are working as a Social Media Marketing Expert or even running a Digital Marketing agency. In that case, you are probably using either Hootsuite or other social media management tools for daily posting.

I like to use Hootsuite. Because in it, you can easily manage all social accounts in one place. At least 21 million users like me can’t Be Wrong.

Hootsuite Pricing

Though Hootsuite has 30 Day trial plan, its regular pricing is a little bit high for many users.

Do you need an alternative to Hootsuite to manage your social account?

Today, I will share the 10 best Hootsuite alternatives to manage your social account. And the good thing is, I used them personally before writing this article.

Hopefully, all these HootSuite alternatives will be helpful for the Freelance community manager, business manager, and marketing agency.

1. Swello


Let’s start with Swello, a multi-faceted tool made in France! This simple and intuitive solution allows you to manage (with love – in its own words) your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

More than 75,000 communicators and 600 large companies trust it to manage their social networks.

Why chose Swello?

  • Automated scheduling of your publications
  • Recurring tweet scheduling to improve your reach
  • A competitive intelligence and content curation tool
  • Integration of the visual creation tool: Swello Pixel
  • An algorithm capable of defining the best publication times
  • Detailed statistics to analyze your performance

Swello Pricing

  • Medium: €9.90/month for 1 user and 5 social profiles
  • Large: €29.90/month for 5 users, 15 social profiles, and analysis features
  • Company: €49.90/month for 6 users, 16 social profiles, analysis, and monitoring functionalities

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2. Buffer


Another alternative to Hootsuite, Buffer stands out as a simple and effective solution for planning your posts on various social networks. The platform supports LinkedIn (profile and page), Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Why choose Buffer?

  • Automated scheduling of your publications, according to time slots predefined by you
  • Detailed statistics to analyze your performance
  • Integration with Canva to create and plan visuals in just a few clicks
  • An automatic link shortener

Buffer Pricing

  • Free: limited to 3 social networks, 10 scheduled posts per profile, and one user.
  • Essentials: $ 5 / month for each social network and one user.
  • Team: $ 10/month for each social network and unlimited users to work as a team.

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3. CoSchedule


Very complete, CoSchedule allows you to manage your social pages fully. This alternative to Hootsuite offers a full marketing suite to organize your content, collaborate with your Team, and build powerful editorial calendars.

Why Choose CoSchedule?

  • The automated programming of your publications on Facebook (page groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profile and page), and Instagram.
  • Additional tools to manage your content marketing
  • A visual publication calendar, easy to consult or modify
  • A complete and powerful analytical tool to refine your social media strategy

CoSchedule Pricing

  • Marketing Calendar: $29/month for each user, with all the features related to community management
  • Marketing Suite: on request, if you want a tool that goes beyond the management of your social networks.

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4. Sendible

Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These are the platforms supported by Sendible.

This tool allows you to go beyond programming by offering you the possibility of managing the messages and comments received on each page. You can centralize your community management and save precious minutes daily.

Why choose Sendible?

  • Automated scheduling of your publications
  • An intuitive dashboard to manage comments, responses, and private messages
  • Collaborative tools to work better with your Team
  • A social watch and listening function to keep an eye on your online reputation
  • Custom statistics and reports

Available Plan in Sendible

  • Creator: $ 24/month for 1 user, 6 social profiles, and global reporting
  • Traction: $ 75/month for 4 users, 24 social profiles, and global reporting
  • Scale: $ 165/month for 7 users, 49 social profiles, and the possibility of creating 14 tailor-made reports
  • Expansion: $349/month for 15 users, 105 social profiles, and the possibility of creating 45 tailor-made reports

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5. Agorapulse


Another best alternative to Hootsuite, Agorapulse, offers you to take back control over your social networks. The Agorapluse will allow you to manage all your interactions via the same interface to save time.

You will be able to manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube pages with this tool.

Why choose Agorapluse?

  • Automated scheduling of your publications
  • An intuitive interface to manage comments, replies, and private messages
  • The ability to manage Facebook and Instagram ad comments
  • A social monitoring and listening tool to monitor your market, your competitors, and your online reputation
  • A reporting tool to analyze the performance of your pages

Agorapluse Pricing

  • Free: limited to 1 user, 3 social profiles, and 40 publications per month
  • Pro: $79/month for 2 users, 10 social profiles, and an unlimited number of monthly publications
  • Premium: $159/month for 4 users, 20 social profiles
  • Enterprise: Approximately 8+ users and 40+ social profiles

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6. SociallyMap


Automated features distinguish SociallyMap to schedule your publications at the best time. The tool integrates algorithms capable of detecting your peak audiences to maximize your content’s reach.

But that’s not all! This alternative to Hootsuite will offer you the possibility of automating posts from certain RSS feeds. Convenient for automatically posting your blog articles or your watch.

SociallyMap platform supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (profile and page), and Instagram.

Why choose SociallyMap?

  • The mapping allows you to create automated flows for the planning of your publications
  • A watch automated by artificial intelligence to always know the trends in your market
  • Integration of to shorten links
  • Integration with Sniply to add call-to-action to your news articles
  • Statistics to analyze the performance of your pages
  • Synchronization with many applications such as WordPress, Mailchimp, Mailjet, Facebook Workplace, ActiveCampaign, etc.

SociallyMap Pricing

  • Starter: $14.90/month for 1 mapping, 3 social profiles, and 10 RSS feeds
  • Business: $49.90/month for 1 mapping, 10 social profiles, and 50 RSS feeds
  • Master: $99.90/month for 3 mappings, 30 social profiles, and 150 RSS feeds
  • Custom: It’s a tailor-made offer for a big team and company to manage their full social network.

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7. Later


Another Top alternative to Hootsuite stands out for its targeted features for Instagram and its support for TikTok. If you mainly manage Instagram and TikTok accounts, Later will be the best solution for you!

Note that Later also offers an option to manage your Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Profile.

Why choose Later?

  • The possibility of scheduling the first comment on Instagram
  • A hashtag suggestion tool to improve your organic reach
  • A bio management tool: which allows you to add several links in your Instagram bio and transform your profile into a vector of traffic
  • A tool to easily find user-generated content and repost it on your Instagram page
  • A social monitoring and listening tool to monitor your market, your competitors, and your online reputation
  • Detailed statistics to optimize your strategy.

Available Pricing in Later

  • Free: limited to 1 user, 1 profile per social network, and 30 publications per month.
  • Starter: $ 15/month for 1 user, 1 profile per social network, and 60 publications per month.
  • Growth: $25/month for 3 users, 1 profile per social network, and 150 publications per month.
  • Advanced: $40/month for 6 users, 1 profile per social network, and an unlimited number of publications per month.

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8. SocialPilot


SocialPilot offers a wide range of must-have features for small businesses and agencies! Supported social networks are Twitter, Facebook (page and group), LinkedIn (profile and page), Pinterest, Instagram, and Google My Business.

Its main asset? Support Facebook Ads campaigns. You can sponsor your top posts and analyze the results from its dashboard.

Why Choose SocialPilot?

  • Automated scheduling of your publications
  • An intuitive interface to manage comments, replies, and private messages
  • Bulk Scheduling allows you to schedule up to 500 publications on your social networks in one go
  • A content curation tool to enrich your social media presence
  • Automated sharing of your blog posts on your social pages
  • Managing Facebook Ads

SocialPilot Pricing

  • Professional: $25.5/month, 1 user, 10 social profiles
  • Small Team: $42.5/month, 3 users, 25 social profiles
  • Studio: $85/month, 5 users, 50 social profiles
  • Agency: $127.5/month, 10 users, 75 social profiles

Social Pilot offers a 15% discount with their Annual Plan. All pricing mentioned above is after a 15% discount.

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9. Limber


Limber is presented as a content marketing solution that allows you to manage your content distribution. The tool stands out for its social account delegation functions.

The objective is to transform your employees into ambassadors by encouraging them to share, in a few clicks, the content produced by the company. A must to develop your visibility and acquire more leads.

Why choose Limber?

  • Automated sharing of your content, from RSS, feeds or your blog, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Managing your employees’ professional accounts to boost your visibility
  • An intuitive dashboard dedicated to monitoring and curating content
  • The possibility of creating publication scenarios to optimize your social media strategy
  • The integrated image editor
  • The automatic insertion of call-to-action on articles from your previous day
  • Comprehensive statistics to refine your content marketing

Avialble Plan in Limber

  • Content Marketing: $99/ month, the solution dedicated to professionals who especially want to distribute their content on social networks.
  • Social Selling: $290/month, a specific offer for salespeople who want to generate opportunities from their content.
  • Advocacy: $390/month to fully manage your employee advocacy strategy and help employees communicate better on social networks.

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10. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

The famous CRM offers its alternative to Hootsuite: Zoho Social. An easy-to-use platform to plan your publications on LinkedIn (page and profile), Facebook (page and group), Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business.

The tool is aimed at both freelance community managers and agencies.

Why chose Zoho Social?

  • Automated scheduling of your publications.
  • View as a calendar to share with your Team.
  • The possibility of scheduling the first comment on Instagram
  • A social listening tool to watch over your mentions, hashtags, or keywords.
  • A collaborative model to easily discuss with your colleagues
  • Detailed statistics to analyze your performance on each social network.

Zoho Social pricing

  • Standard: $10/month for 1 user, 1 brand (7 social profiles), and basic functionalities.
  • Professional: $30/month for 1 user, 1 brand (7 social profiles), and additional features such as blog planning, Live Support, automation via an RSS feed, etc.
  • Premium: $40/month for 3 users, 1 brand (8 social profiles), integration with Zoho CRM, lead management options, and advanced analytical tools.

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Social Media plays an important role in company marketing strategy. Every company spends a lot of time managing its social network profile. Because as much they will engage with their use, they will generate more sales.

That’s why every company and marketing professionals always look for the best solution to manage their social network profile.

If you don’t want to use Hootsuite, I hope you will choose one of the best social media management tools from the above selection.

No time to manage your social networks and nurture your community the way you want it to? You can always hire a Social media marketer or agency to do social media management for you.

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